Multiple fibers, multiple options, multiple applications


OPTICAL FIBER BUNDLE An optical fiber bundle is an assembly of multiple fibers. In most cases, the fibers are held together at one end, while the other end may or may not be separated into branches. Because of their construction, bundles offer light management and physical flexibility.

Manufacturing custom bundle configurations is our specialty - any fiber, any design, for any application. Tell us your specific engineering need, and we’ll help you develop the best bundle solution, or just tell us what you want and we’ll manufacture it to your exact specifications.

CeramOptec’s® high-quality fiber optic bundles can be made with any fiber and your choice of several configuration and construction possibilities. What’s more, a number of connectors (including all standard connectors – or custom ferrules, machined in-house) are available.

Fiber Bundle - Fiber Optic Assembly - Fiber Optic Cable Assembly


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