Introducing the "No-Limits" fiber optic assembly

ASSEMBLIES An assembly is a grouping of optical fibers that is most often used to change light flux format or distribution, or to route light to multiple sites. An assembly could take the form of a cluster of optical fibers in a hexagonal array at one end, with a linear array of the same fibers or multiple branches of individual fibers at the other.

CeramOptec® assemblies are all about you and your options. Imagine no more limits on your choices for fiber length, jackets, or connectors. We can match any fiber, any jacket and any connector to create an assembly that fits your specific engineering requirements. In fact, if you can envision it, we can make it for you.


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Not sure what you need? Not a problem! We’ll work with you to develop a custom solution for your application.

We manufacture a complete line of assemblies, cable assemblies, bifurcated assemblies, patch cords, bundles, and more - all custom designed to your specifications. Assemblies can be made from any of our top quality fibers, with your choices from a broad range of sheathing, cabling, or jacketing. In addition, we offer all standard connectors or custom designed ferrules to suit applications from the deep UV to NIR.

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