Optran NCC UV/WF (Silica/Silica Non Circular Core Fiber)

pure fused silica/F-doped fused silica with different Buffers and Jacket


Example for square, octagonal and rectangular core fiber:

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CeramOptec’s® non circular core silica optical fibers show the same exceptional performance and transmission as Optran UV/WF fibers with circular core geometry. With its good image scrambling and low focal ratio degradation it is ideal for astronomy applications. When used with diode lasers which give a square shaped output, the square core fibers offer greater coupling efficiencies than circular fibers. In laser applications such as surface pre-treatment, material can be processed in a more uniform fashion than is possible with a circular beam due to less overlapping. The square output beam reduces the need for beam shaping optics.

A list of our NCC fibers currently in stock can be found here.

 Optran UV

 Optran WF


  • Broad UV / VIS / NIR spectral range
  • Optran UV: 190 - 1200 nm
  • Optran WF: 300 - 2400 nm
  • High laser damage resistance
  • Broad temperature range (-190° to +350°)
  • Different core geometries available e.g. square, rectangular, octagonal, etc.
  • Homogeneous power distribution
  • Excellent image scrambling characteristics
  • Superior focal ratio degradation characteristics
  • Biocompatible materials
  • Sterilizable by ETO and other methods
  • Manufactured at ISO 9001 compliant facilities

Physical Properties

  • Step index profile
  • Pure synthetic fused silica core
  • Optran WF: low OH-content < 1 ppm

Available NA:

  • Low NA: 0.16 ± 0.02
  • Standard NA: 0.22 ± 0.02
  • High NA: 0.28 ± 0.02


Standard prooftest:

  • 100 kpsi (Nylon, ETFE, Acrylate jackets)
  • 70 kpsi (Polyimide jacket)


Minimum bend radius:

  • 50 x clad diameter (momentary)
  • 150 x clad diameter (long term)