Optran UV/WF; Optran Plus UV/WF; Optran UVNS; Optran Polyimide UV/WF; Optran UV NSS

pure fused silica / F-doped fused silica with different Buffers and Jacket

NA 0,12 - NA = 0,30


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NEW: Optran UV NSS (UV Non-Solarizing Stabilized) - Hydrogen loaded non solarizing silica-/silica fiber

CeramOptec has developed a solarization-resistant silica/ silica fiber that does NOT lose its characteristics over time. Currently, core-diameters of 200µ - 600µ are feasible, coated with polyimide.

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 Optran UV

 Optran WF

Optran UV / WF

CeramOptec's® high quality Optran UV and Optran WF fiber exhibits exceptional performance and transmission from the deep UV to the IR. With impressive radiation resistance and broad temperature capability, Optran UV and Optran WF are ideal for applications including spectroscopy, Thomson scattering, and medical diagnostics. We offer a choice of several jacket types and sizes - as well as custom-designed products and sizes to meet your specifications. For example, our new Optran WF with a hard polymer buffer features Cleave N Connect™ technology to eliminate messy silicone stripping. Optran WF with a hard polymer buffer is available with NA 0,37.

Optran Plus UV / WF

As the innovative leader of the fiber optic industry, CeramOptec® is proud to introduce its new line of high NA silica/silica optical fiber - Optran Plus. Ideal for a broad range of applications, from laser delivery to sensing, Optran Plus fibers offer exceptional performance from the deep UV to the IR. We offer a choice of several jacket types and sizes - as well as custom-designed products and sizes to meet your specifications.

Optran Polyimide UV / WF

CeramOptec's® polyimide coated fibers are ideal for applications requiring high temperature capability. While acrylate, nylon, and Tefzel® coatings start to deteriorate between 100° and 250° C, CeramOptec's unique polyimide coated fibers can withstand temperatures up to 400° C. Additional, this thin jacketing is ideal for use in bundles and supports spectral transmission from 190 to 2500 nm.

Optran UVNS (UV Non-Solarizing) - Multimode Fiber

Leading the Way in Long-Term Performance
Setting new standards through breakthrough research and development is at the heart of our business. As the manufacturer of the world's first UV Non-Solarizing (UVNS) optical fiber, CeramOptec® continues to find ways to break down the barriers for simplifying UV spectroscopy and sensing applications.

For long-term performance, Optran UVNS fibers and PowerLightGuide bundles set the standard. Tested for well over 40,000 continuous, unfiltered hours, our Optran UVNS fibers exhibit level, steady transmission at 95% of the original input!

Setting the Standards in Deep UV
Optran UVNS all silica optical fibers offer exceptional throughput in wavelengths ranging from 160 to 1200 nm - without solarization. When used in our PowerLightGuide™ Fused-End Bundles, our Optran UVNS have a typical bundle transmission 50% higher than any other manufacturer of silica UV fiber products. CeramOptec's PowerLightGuide bundles are fused at the ends to eliminate inter-fiber spaces - while maintaining the fibers' NA. Please see our PowerLightGuide Bundle data sheet for more information about our non-solarizing bundles - a solid solution to UV Spectroscopy and Liquid Light Guides.


Industrial / Scientific

  • Replacement for UV Liquid Light Guides
  • Spectroscopy
  • Sensors
  • UV photolithography
  • Laser welding / soldering / marking
  • Laser delivery
  • Nuclear plasma diagnostics
  • Analytical instruments
  • Laser diode pigtailing
  • Pyrometry
  • Semiconductor capital equipment
  • Thomson scattering
  • UV Illumination and Monitoring
  • UV Raman Spectroscopy
  • UV Curin



  • Medical diagnostics
  • Laser delivery
  • Photodynamic Therapy
  • Medical Treatments such as UV Psoriasis Treatment